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What we need from you is to help create a solution for some of the problems that we are encountering. Over your summer break keep your brain in work mode! You have full creative freedom to take this project in the direction that you feel is best.


A candidate that is willing to put their creative skills to the test pushing your engineering abilities to see if you are able to keep up to industry standards. Understanding what the real word problems and how you personally can create a solution to this.

We will always ask you to prioritize your academic work which is why we are flexible with our deadline so that you are able to work with us when you are free to do so. Not interfere with university work.

Obtaining real-world working experience is essential, especially if you’ve never been employed. When you intern in a new workplace, you’ll gain first-hand knowledge about how a professional environment works. Through interaction with co-workers and your manager, you’ll begin to ‘learn the ropes’. You will learn how multiple departments work in relation to each other and how your career of choice impacts the overall goals and operations of our organisation.


The work that you do can be included in your portfolio, we will give full accreditation to the engineer(s) that are successful in the project. We will also provide a full working reference to this candidate upon request to help them in their future career.

You will gain valuable experience working on site on a real engineering environment. This project will let you work with engineers in the field. You can ask our engineers any burning questions you may have about the industry and learn from their real life experience to help you in your future career.

Skills you will gain are:

  • Work under pressure

  • Take the lead on assigned projects

  • Make decisions and complete goals

  • Collaborate compromise to facilitate group decisions

Time management, and handling your workload, is another important skill you’ll learn working with us. During your time as a junior engineer you will start understanding how to manage your time more effectively to complete your duties so you can meet deadlines, participate in meetings, and do research.


PROJECT ONE - Waste Powder Recycling

PROJECT TWO - Scrap / KM tube & WB cleaning Efficiency


We are only looking for 3 innovative and creative minds to work on each project. You can apply to both roles if you feel like you can give both tasks the commitment they deserve. Everyone is eligible to apply. If you are email our head engineer with the following details we will get back to you with more information on the task.


E-Mail -

Call - 0800 083 0832


The deadline is September 30th 2021 to apply. Work will commence after exam period so that we are able to get everyone in the desired roles as soon as exams are over.

Once the successful candidates have been chosen. They will then be working with lead engineer in creating the design and seeing the machinery come into fruition.

If the design that is created is used (without fault) there may also be a financial reward, however this is completely dependent upon the work that done post completion, the drawings and concept details are very important which is why we are putting so much emphasis upon this aspect.


Please provide the following information:

  • Your name

  • What institution you are from (if any)

  • You will need to arrange a time and date to come onsite to see the workspace and get a feel for the placement of the machinery. This way you are able to come on site to see the problems first hand. Make sure that what your idea in your head is a feasible and safe to create in our workspace. You will be able to ask any questions that you have a physically see the toner cartridges for yourself.

  • What project you have apply for (candidates are eligible to apply to both sectors on one email).

  • Link to the documents that you are submitting.

Thanks for submitting!

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